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We specialise in creating fun fitness classes that are high energy, bursting with enthusiasm, and great for kids of all abilities. With different beats and rhythms, kids can’t help but move to, exciting props to improve children’s coordination, new adventures and different exercises introduced every term. We can guarantee the children will be fit, healthy, and smiling from ear to ear. 

Music and exercise are an essential part of the childcare curriculum. All of our classes meet early years foundation stage guidelines, and we’re committed to helping every nursery to meet their OFSTED requirements.

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“Shakers KIDS have been part of our nursery team since October 2018.  Tanya’s personaility shines through when working with both children and adults.  She always engages with all the children and makes them feel special.  Tanya is always full of energy and the children look forward to their exercise class each week.”


Monkey Puzzle Nursery Uxbridge

“Shaker Kids is a fun, lively activity that all the children across the age groups all enjoy.  Tanya and Gill are both very enthusiastic and try to encourage the children to join in with the activity, even those that are a little shy and less willing.  Over the months that we have had Shaker KIDS attend the nursery they have been able to get some children who were originally very shy now join in and take part.

 The children always get really excited when they see Gill coming into nursery and always listen and follow instructions.  The sessions are upbeat, full of energy and fun and teach the children about moving their bodies and keeping healthy.  We would certainly recommend Shaker KIDS as an extracurricular activity to any nursery.”


Northgate House Nursery

“Every Tuesday morning here at our nursery is full of dance, exercise, music, and energy, it can only mean one thing- SHAKER KIDS!!!
Shaker kids have been a part of our nursery family for a long time, and the children love every minute. What we really love about Shaker Kids are the teachers who really take pride and time in what they do- the children love their teacher, she is great!
Shaker kids also get involved in festivals which is brilliant as this is very important to us as a nursery. The children also receive special treats during celebrations, which is a lovely touch.  Thank you for all your great work and efforts.”


Monkey Puzzle Nursery High Wycombe

“Thank you for giving all our children at Bright Eyes a lively fun packed exercise class.  This class is not the usual music session for children. Stephanie is very energetic with a lot of enthusiasm which is reflected onto the children.   Every week the children are really full of anticipation For Stephanie’s exercise class. It is a really good workout for them and covers all the EYFS seven areas of learning.
Parents are very keen to sign up their child as soon as they can”


Bright Eyes Montessori Nursery

“We have a brilliant time with Gill from Shakers KIDS.  I would highly recommend it!

Children get so excited for the session to start.  I cant thank Gill enough how much effect she puts in to every class.  Thank you ladies for all your work.”


Tot Town Nursery

“Shakers Kids is so much fun, the children in the nursery look forward to Tuesdays when shakers come to play.  All the children from 1year to 4 years enjoy learning the different exercise moves to each song and they all join in. Even the staff members join in!  It is the highlight of our week.”


Happy Todds Nursery

“Shakers KIDS provides a fun activity that promotes not only physical exercise but much more e.g. helps develop good listening skills, ability to follow instructions and spatial awareness. The use of props and musical instruments as well as upbeat music makes it enjoyable too!


Happy Hands Montessori Nursery